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Sometimes "going tiny" means creating room for more of something else. Download the questionnaire below and explore the opportunity for yourself.

Exploring the Idea of Going “Tiny”


There are many people attracted to the “tiny house movement” and for a number of reasons. Some people interested in going tiny desire a life of less stuff, less waste, and less expense. Some desire a simplified lifestyle that allows them to spend more time on leisure activities and less time on work projects or on home maintenance. Still others—people of all ages—are looking at the tiny house option as a way to enable them to make financial changes related to their careers—some wish to change careers, work part time, or retire early. And, there are those interested in the opportunity for increased mobility through a tiny house on wheels or even to go fully “off-grid”.


However, going tiny is not just about moving into a tiny structure. For most people, it is a lifestyle shift and one that requires not just planning for the physical move but engaging in the emotional and even spiritual journey that achieving tiny requires.


To go tiny or not, that is the question.


The purpose of our group coaching program is to help individuals determine what tiny means to them. It will help clients determine how best to integrate components of tiny into their lives while ensuring the tiny changes are a good and lasting fit.


The basic framework of the program includes:


  • Defining tiny for you.

  • What parts of tiny are you interested in? And why?

  • What are the opportunities you see in going tiny? What are the challenges?

  • How does going tiny enhance and support your life?

  • What is your timeframe for change?

  • Who or what resources will you engage to support you in your journey?


Group Logistics


Each group is limited to 8 – 12 clients. Group participants meet virtually by conference call for one hour twice per month for three months. Members are expected to participate in all sessions. Sessions are recorded for playback and made available only to members of the group.


The agenda for each session is co-created by the members based on individual goals and specific needs. Group members are encouraged to connect with each other outside of sessions in the group’s online forum. This forum provides the ability to share real-time information as well as encouragement and “hooray moments”.


Eligibility for Participation


To be eligible to participate in this group coaching program, a client must meet the following criteria and expectations:


  1. Desire to make a change in their life.

  2. Be curious about going tiny.

  3. Willingness to support and be supported in the tiny exploration process.

  4. Commitment to the group for the duration of the 3-month program.

  5. Ability and commitment to work toward individual goals and action plans.


Questions or Enrollment


If you have questions or would like to enroll in the next available group, please contact us and we will follow up with you.


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