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Personal focus. Group environment.


New to the idea of coaching? Want to experience the power of coaching in a group format? Some of us are more comfortable in a group setting. Others want to experience the many beneficial aspects of a group including feedback on ideas or thoughts from multiple perspectives, and networking opportunities within the group. 


Group coaching allows individuals the opportunity to focus on their specific needs or actions while also learning from the experiences of others. Additionally, group coaching offers the freedom to gain the perspective of all members of the group in addition to the coach.


Group coaching is also a great way to experience the life-changing results of professional coaching at a reduced cost. All group coaching sessions are conducted by conference call, so travel costs are eliminated. Additionally, an online workspace is available for group members to share thoughts and ideas between sessions.


Monthly costs are lower for group coaching sessions than individual sessions making group coaching a highly affordable option.  All you need is a quiet location and a solid phone connection...
and the readiness for change.




                                                                                                                   If you are ready to experience real, lasting                                                                                                                                    change, ask us about our upcoming group coaching                                                                                                 opportunities.

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